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At the Halifax Celtic Festival, we are proud to present and support local Celtic artists, musicians, dancers and entertainers. If you’re interested in performing in the festival, please read performers information and click to apply.

The peoples who live out, celebrate, share, connect with and support Celtic languages and their accompanying cultures are celebrated, promoted and honoured through the sharing of song, music, dance and storytelling.

Halifax Celtic Festival (i.e. the Festival) promotes local artists, musicians and dancers.
Entertainment contracted to perform will reflect the Festival’s Vision.

The Festival does not cover travel costs/ expenses incurred to and from event locations.
Multiple applications are received each year, with limited spots. Not all applications may be successful.

Most sets are 00:45 in duration. Main event (Friday & Saturday evenings) may be longer.

For Main Stage act bookings some familiarity with artist and/or group via performances at concerts, other festivals, showcases and conferences is required.

Note:  Our ability to offer contracts to performers is subject to receipt of approved Festival funding (we should know by June 30th).

Performers & Artists
Halifax Celtic Festival allows for a variety of performers, experience levels, and musical styles to perform and share. If you are a performing artist or a group that would like to perform at the Halifax Celtic Festival, please submit your contact information below in the performer application, or download, print and send the application to:

Halifax Celtic Festival
P.O. Box 9401
Halifax, NS
B3K 5S3



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